New Year Card 2017





During my stay in Finland last summer, my Finnish friend kindly took me to a bear safari. Large wild brown bears, as many as ten of them, came from a deep forest for food set before. We were safe in a strong log-cabin and watched them through shallow openings. In a city zoo, we walk around to see animals in the cage; here they walk freely while we encage ourselves. Yong bears were full of curiosity and came close to the cabin. They seemed making fun of us, thinking “they must be pretty scared of us”. Actually, the deep forest leads to Russian border in only 5 km. Bears wonder freely across it. We take the borders as granted but they disappear depending on the situation.

I believe setting, modifying, and even eliminating borders is very important in our logical thinking. For example in problem solving, we can find a solution quicker and easier by setting an appropriate boundary. When the situation changes, however, the old boundary may prevent us from obtaining a good solution. Radical thinking beyond boundaries can give us an ideal solution. Recent political issues around border islands of Japan could be solved by creating a new idea to rule such places without depending on the history and conventions. Of course in research, creative ideas must come from combining disciplines. Like a bear wondering over a country border, let us set our thoughts free from academic boundaries.

Photo by : Hiroyuki Fujita

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